Cleaning Window Blinds-Shades, Shutters Window Treatment Cleaning

Cleaning Window Blinds-Shades, Shutters Window Treatment Cleaning

Cleaning Window Blinds should be done on a regular basis as part of your window blind maintenance schedule. To make the job of cleaning blinds easier here are a few suggestions. For light dusting you can use the soft brush on your vacuum to remove the dust or you could use a pair of old socks or cotton gloves and wipe the blind slats using your hands. If you find your window blinds a little dirtier, then that you can use a damp sponge to clean the blind slats.

 If your blinds are more severe than a regular dusting or blind cleaning would handle, than a possible suggestion would be to remove them and use the shower to wash them off or you may soak them in the tub with mild soap or vinegar for about 30 minutes, then rinse them off and hang them to dry making sure your slats are open so they won't stick together.

A tip that you could try would be to wipe down your shades with a piece of fabric softener that will help in the buildup of dust. Depending on the material of the window treatment whether its wood, aluminum, PVC, fabric, you should have a blind cleaning method for cleaning window blind shades.

Window blinds home cleaning tips

Window blind shades should have the right home cleaning tip methods for blind cleaning so that you don not damage your blinds. Here are a few ways that you can clean your blinds safely.

Types of blinds to clean

  • Aluminum mini blinds|Venetian blinds cleaning: Vacuum your aluminum mini blinds or venetian blinds with a soft brush in between the slats to remove the dust. To dust them, a soft clean dust cloth with or without a household cleaner can be used to clean in between the blind slats. Washing them with a damp sponge or cloth with some mild detergent and warm or cold water will do a great job of blind cleaning. Make sure you put a towel on the floor for protection and wipe the blinds with a dry towel and then let them dry naturally.
  • Wood blind cleaning: You should take a little more care and attention with wood blinds. Do not wash the blind. Even knowing that the wood blind a sealed with a protective coating, water or any extra any extra moisture can cause wood warpage or maybe even some discoloration in the slats. Due to the surface being smooth for wood, you can on a regular basis brush off the dust using a clean soft dust cloth or soft brush attached to your vacuum cleaner. By cleaning blinds regularly, the upkeep is kept to a minimum.
  • Fabric pleated shades cleaning: Cellular shades and window blind shades are usually anti-static and require very little cleaning like for example the Hunter Douglas duette shade. Usually dusting lightly with a duster or a soft attachment on the vacuum will do just fine. Sponge blotting can be done on some fabric to remove small stains. Most of your pleated and cellular shades may have at cleaning done ultrasonically as well.
  • Vertical blinds cleaning: Vertical blinds are the simplest window blinds to clean. Because the slats are vertical and not horizontal they tend to not collect dust as much, and usually just a light dusting will do. If they are vinyl blinds you can clean them with mild household cleaners. The vinyl window blind shades may also be cleaned using ultrasonically cleaner method.

Home cleaning tips resources

The trick to window blind shade cleaning is a frequent blind cleaning schedule. When you buy your blinds new and keep regular maintenance of cleaning your blinds, you will give your blinds whether they are aluminum, fabric, wood, years of service with very little major cleanings.

You should always refer to the manufactures cleaning instructions before cleaning your blinds. We here at CreativeBlindsandShutters want to help keep your blinds looking their best, so we have gathered reviews and resources to help you in your quest. Please read through our resources and articles.

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