Faux Wood Window Blinds-Affordable wood appearance window blinds

Faux Wood Window Blinds-Affordable wood appearance window blinds

Faux wood window blinds are becoming more popular each year. For starters, they are a lot cheaper and easier to maintain that true wood window blinds. And besides, they provide a near identical look that can only be detected at close inspection. Do your friends spend their time around your place checking your window blinds? (If they do, you might want to re-evaluate your friends first!)

While true wood blinds are much heavier, and require some careful maintenance (just like any other wood piece continuously exposed to the sun) faux wood window blinds are made of vinyl or other plastic elements.

 This means they require no maintenance and are a lot easier to clean. When you take the price tag into consideration, then it is easy to understand why so many people are making that option. Just picture it on your own windows decor, and see how good it will look.

Choosing the faux wood window blind also means you will not be contributing to any deforestation occurring somewhere around the world  though most well established manufacturers are bound to use wood from sustainable forests, there are others who do not abide to such environmental principles. By selecting printed vinyl window blinds this will give you the same result without all those worries.

Wooden Window Blinds-Window fashion accents with natural looking exposure
Wood Blinds are known as the natural wooden blind fashion window treatment ,Wooden blinds are the number one choice for window treatments Wood blinds give the adaptability of style in that they can easily give you a beautiful rustic blind look or a warm romantic or true modern feel.

Bamboo Window Blinds, Oriental style window treatment fashion
Bamboo Window Blinds are the perfect addition Bamboo is a natural product suitable for a vast number of products, from wood floors to walls unlike other types of wood, bamboo is a plant that can quickly be grown and does not face the same dangers of a traditional forest.

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