Honeycomb Shades-The superior cellular shade isolation

Honeycomb Shades-The superior cellular shade isolation

Honeycomb shades (or cellular shades) are the best option for all those looking for the best heat/cold isolation from their shades. The principle is simple, just like you are used to double pane glass, the honeycomb shades pattern creates a double wall that insulates your house better than any other window treatment.

If you are happy with what you have you have read so far, it is time to let you know of its single flaw: its price. Honeycomb and cellular shades are more expensive than simpler shades.

Though you can find special discount prices if you take the time to do so. In any case, in both hot and cold climates, these honeycomb shades can potentially save you a lot of money in cooling/heating costs.

If you are serious about energy efficiency, I have no doubt you will be choosing the highest quality honeycomb shades you can find as your next window treatment. Available in a number of different patterns and textures, in any color you might require.

These cellular shades will not only make your house a lot more comfortable, they will also improve its look and style. It is truly an example where form and function truly match and make the most out of every window and every room.

Hunter Douglas Shades-Best source for any window blind treatment
It is hard not to come across Hunter Douglas shades sooner or later. Being one of the best known it is not easy to offer high quality products at affordable prices; in fact, most people would even say it is impossible. That is exactly why shopping at Hunter Douglas shades seems almost too good to be true.

Levolor Window Shades-The number one window treatment brand
Thousands of people choose levolor window shades for their homes each day. More to the point, most of them have bought their levelor window shades treatments from Levolor before. When you buy levolor window shades, you have can rest assured you will not be let down by it is quality that is a fact.

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