Motorized Window Shades-Remotely operated window blind comfort

Motorized Window Shades-Remotely operated window blind comfort

If you want the best for your home and want to take advantage of everything technology has to offer, you need to see some motorized window shades in action. Commonly used in large commercial spaces and hard to reach windows, this technology is now finally available for anyone wanting the extra comfort of motorized window shades in their homes.

With motorized window shades, you can control it at the press of a button. When tied together with a central home automation system, it can make the most of Sun’s energy – keeping your house cool when it is hot, and warming it up when it is cold – it won’t take long before you notice real savings on your heating/cooling costs.

Though automation adds an extra cost to any window treatment, there is no denying that, once you have tried motorized window shades you will never want to go back to manual operated window shades.

Besides, you have to keep in mind that a high quality motorized kit for your window shades will last you for a very long time. If you do the math, that cost will become a lot more manageable when you consider you will be using it for many years to come.

Window Shade Hardware-It is all about the little details
Most people do not care much about window shade hardware, but considering this is something you are likely to use every single day of your life, pulling it up and down, you should think otherwise. High quality window shade hardware can last you a lifetime, meaning you can replace just the shade and keep using the existing operating mechanism.

Skylight Shades Motorize-Manual Light Control for the Home
You can treat your skylight with a number of different solar skylight shades. From blackout to darkening cellular shades, it is up to you to figure out which will work best for you. Some skylights allow you to layer more than one shade treatment.

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