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Window Shades-The Window Fashion with total light control

In basic terms a shade is a window treatment that you can lower and raise with the use of cording system or either a spring mechanism. There is a full range of styles to choose from like flat shades too festoon shades, which are softly draped. With all the shade choices that you have you should sit back and understand your options and your needs for window shades.

One of the first things that you should consider is how much privacy and light control do you want. Do you require more daytime light control or nighttime control or do you need a combination of both? One way to accomplish this is to pair it with other window covering treatments.

You could combine it with a light filtering shade that will give you some protection and as for the night control you could add draperies or window curtains that can be closed for privacy.

Another window shade idea is that some roller shades and pleated shades have the ability to be installed bottom-up which will allow you to cover the lower portion giving you privacy during the day and allowing light to come in from above. If you are going to be adjusting the shade often make sure you have at easy operating mechanism system to operate the window shades.

How do you want to mount the window shade treatment?

All shades can be mounted on the outside of the window or the inside of the window. All this depends on the overall appeal you're trying to accomplish or you may have a practical need for the window shade. If you are looking for an inside mounting shade you will usually add a top window treatment like a swag are maybe a valance, and add some drawn curtains for more control.

This type of shade is also appealing if you have a beautiful window frame that you would like to show off and not cover up, it also works well if you don't have the room for an outside operating mechanism for the window shade. The overall design appeal of the inside window shade is that the whole window frame is surrounded by the window treatment giving you more visual emphasis.

The other side of this is if you are trying to conceal the window frame than your best option would be for an outside mounting window shade, which will camouflage the oversize of the window or allow you a more decorative shade to the overall window treatment.

How to choose a window shade style

There are an abundance of shades, colors and styles of window shades on the market. You'll find some are designed to have a very distinctive decorating character and then you will find some that will blend right in depending on the trimming in the fabric you choose.

An example: A contemporary appearance would be a pleated or cellular shade because of the fabric being gathered at the bottom. A softer appeal would be cloud shades or balloon shades, also colors have a large impact on your shades. If you choose geometrics and solids you will give a more tailored feel then if you were to use lace and florals as the chosen fabric.

Hem Fashion Design for Your Window Shade

Window hams can add a personal touch to the shade. They can be very intricate or very plain depending on the look you are trying to create. The downside is that not all window shades can offer creative Hemline opportunities that are the same. As an ex: the cellular and pleated shades do not seem to work well with hams in the design.

Roller shades on the other hand seem to work well and are perfect candidates for you to start with, ham ideas would be to add either scalloped, it you'll metric, notched or curved hams. These type of window covering edge treatments can copy a motif or a pattern that is somewhere else in your room.

 Decorative trims may include: Cording, lace edgings, ruffles, a Fringe or maybe Ribbon or Rickrack. These 10 styles can dress up hemlines of window shades that use any courting mechanism, such as cloud shades, bowling shades and Austrian shades. If you have a window shade that is that tied back like a rollup shades then usually you will have a plain ham because the embellish one would not work well with the shades operation.

Six Groups of Window Shades?

Shades can fall into six main groups. This shades ability in blocking light will depend on the material that it is made of. If you have a lightweight or plain shade than you could add a liner to help control the light. Whatever shades you decide on make sure it suits your needs.

  • Roller Shades: This is a spring operated shade and can be come in different materials like vinyl, plain fabric or textured and in many different colors. This is about the simplest of shade styles and a very attractive option.
  • Roman Shades: Roman shades are streamlined and have flat, horizontal pleats that are usually about 4 to 6 inches in depth. The Roman shade can be lined or works well from the single layer of fabric depending on your window treatment needs.
  • Festoon Shades: This is a very soft and feminine decorate of look and feel. The festoon shades are usually stationary, but some can be operable or adjustable.
  • Pleated Shades: This type of shade is made with folded fabric or paper. When pulled they stack nicely under any curtains and are virtually invisible. You can also use add double cord system so you could lower it from the top.
  • Cellular Shades: Also known as the honeycomb shade they feature fabric layers that are pleaded like an accordion and join back to back and give you an air cushion effect within the fabric and will provide better UV protection and window insulation.
  • Woven Wood Shades: Also known as a natural shade usually made from bamboo, hemp, grasses, matchsticks, reeds or other natural appealing materials. Operated with cords or rollers, their light blocking depends on the weave of the window treatment.

Window Shades Ideas and Resources

 You may have already decided on the type of window shade and detail that you want. Another thing you might be doing is putting this decision on hold so you can further explore the attributes of the different types of window shades. There are several combinations that you can do with window blinds, curtains, draperies and even on other window shades.

 We here at want to help you in your research so you can plan your ideas to find the best window shade treatment style that will suit your particular needs. Below we have gathered the best online merchants that we think may help you with your online research and purchases.

Window Shade Hardware-It is all about the little details
Most people do not care much about window shade hardware, but considering this is something you are likely to use every single day of your life, pulling it up and down, you should think otherwise. High quality window shade hardware can last you a lifetime, meaning you can replace just the shade and keep using the existing operating mechanism.

Bali window shades, affordable long-lasting window treatment quality
Bali Window Shades are possibly the most popular window treatment for millions of do-it-yourselfers around the world. Bali window shades directly targets everyone that wishes to enhance their place. It is no surprise their tagline is: Your home, your style.

Motorized Window Shades-Remotely operated window blind comfort
With Motorized Window Shades, you can control it at the press of a button. When tied together with a central home automation system, it can make the most of Suns energy keeping your house cool when its hot, and warming it up when it is cold.

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