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Wooden Window Blinds-Fashion accents with natural looking exposure

Wood blinds are known as the natural wooden blind and encompasses the hardwood window treatment composed of movable slats blinds which can be raised and lowered. Most wood blind styles can be closed and opened to permit different degrees of light into the room. Wood window blinds have a linear quality and are compatible with contemporary interiors. Wood blinds can be combined with drape and curtain treatments for softening the effect.

Wooden blinds give the adaptability of style in that they can easily give you a beautiful rustic look or a warm romantic or true modern feel. Blinds come in a variety of sizes from 1to 3 inches with stained, painted and sandblasted finishes with a choice of woods like Bamboo, Cedar, and Ash, Oak or even a beautiful Cherry wood.

A real benefit of choosing wood window blind treatments is they are lighter than vinyl most times, which means that they would be a great choice for extra wide, double, or triple windows. Being lighter they can prevent the problem of bowing in the middle of the window.

Wooden Window Blinds Are a Natural Choice

Wood blinds are the number one choice for window treatments since they will bring the feeling of nature to your rooms. The natural wood color warms up any room in your house. Wooden blinds are usually more expensive than your traditional horizontal blinds but well worth the investment.

They are also one of the best long lasting window covering with the most appeal on the market. Two types of wood blinds that you should think about for your wood blinds are Ranin and Basswood. Basswood is a very high grade of wood blind and is more costly than other wood dressings. Ranin wood is not as expensive, is not as durable as Basswood, but will still give you beautiful wooden window blind with all the hardwood benefits.

Bamboo wood blinds and wicker and rattan furniture blend together well and will give you a tropical feel to any room. Woven Woods can also make a choice and are available either in Matchstick and grass cloth styles. They offer you the natural look with good durability and great insulating properties. Woven cloth tape is used with Wood-slat blinds with coordinating with the choice of contrasting colors. Woven blinds also can use narrow strips of wood.

Planning Your Window Fashion Has a Big Impact on Your Room

Planning your window treatments and how they look in your room is very important. Most of the time, it is best to install the blinds inside the casing of the window. If your plan is to have the window looking larger, you can install your wood blinds outside the window casing.

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